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Happy New Year - Happy New Products!

It's a brand new year and I've been brainstorming all winter! I've got some awesome new products coming out in 2019 and know you'll love, love, love them (because I do).

Here's a sneak peek of whats new in 2019:

1. Vegan Ginger and Turmeric Tooth Powder - this is an amazing combination I came up with to whiten and brighten your teeth naturally, while fighting bacteria and germs that cause tooth decay and gum problems. You'll be able to find this here on OwensAcres.com and OwensAcres.Etsy.com in January.

2. Organic Vegan Deodorant - this I created because I've been using the same deodorant since high school and it's time to ditch the chemical laden commercial deodorant for something all natural. I'm excited about this one! Will come in 4 scents and also in an unscented version. Look for this in February here, or OwensAcres.Etsy.com

3. Gemstone Roll On Therapies - this is a ramped up version of our current roll on aromatherapy oils with real gemstone rollers! Yeah - that's what I said! Every stone has unique metaphysical properties and pairing them with aromatherapy oils is genius! Look for these in March of 2019, here and on Vibergy.Etsy.com

4. Aromatherapy Oils for Kids - kids have issues too, so they deserve an all natural remedy for anxiety, hyperactivity, sleep, and other minor issues. Look for these in Jan-Feb here, and at OwensAcres.Etsy.com

5. Travel Soaps - I love to travel, but I'm a bit of a germ phobic and I like to wash my hands a lot. These will be one time use pieces in a travel tin! Makes a great little gift for traveler, backpacker, explorer, or mom with lots of dirty little hands! Find these in February here and OwensAcres.Etsy.com

This is just a sneak peak - I have other ideas I'm still researching and developing, so BOOKMARK OwensAcres.com and check back soon!



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