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What the BDNF?

I was watching something on YouTube and a commercial cut in, and normally I would 'skip' over this, but the product intrigued me. It was a miracle powder to increase your Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) by 200% - with a little internet sleuthing I found you don't need fancy overpriced powders, you can boost production of brain cells and slow the aging process by following these easy steps:

1. Exercise - no time for the gym, just walk or do some excercises at home. I have a mini trampoline, it's fun and easy to use.

2. Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods - Easier said than done, as most of use are food addicts. So cut back is the next best thing. Make foods from scratch, as you'll know what is actually in your food.

3. Intermittent Fasting - No it's not starving yourself, it's only eating within a 6-8 hour period every day. I eat from noon to 6pm only. Helps lower blood sugar and you'll lose weight (following #2 above will also help).

4. Mental Stimulation - do a crossword puzzle, work with your hands, do some arts and crafts

5. Eat Oily Fish - or have some flax seeds

6. Get some sun - you should get 10-20 minutes a day. Pry yourself from the couch or your desk and take a walk for lunch outside.

7. Eat more foods with polyphenols like Turmeric, Red Grapes, Coffee, Green Tea, Dark Chocolate, and dark colored vegetables.

8. Deep Sleep and Meditation - get your zzzzz's, and take 5 minutes a day and find a quiet place.

Three Don'ts:

1. Stress - biggest BDNF inhibitor (see #8 above)

2. Sugar - leads to cognitive decline

3. Social Isolation - spend time with friends and family, join a group or club

So skip the fancy overpriced powders, go for the DIY route and get the same results for little or no cost! FYI the powder they were selling online was $70 for 30 packs.



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